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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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follows president trum top paris as he arrives for bastille day celebrationness france. and you may want to keep cool, today, heating up, and very big way. later on the real feels like temperatures could top 100 degrees, well to day is thursday july 13th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> good morning. it has been busy primarily just with construction and we were talking earlier this morning i say it all the time but today has been very bus which construction. bumper to bumper conditions in the 4:00 o'clock hour. we will talk about that coming up. >> yes, these poor guys and girls that work out in the kind of heat we're talking about, our hats off, no pun intended but if you have to go out and work in this no matter what your job you have to have a plan in mind and take adequate care. not like we have in the seen this heat before. >> yes.
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>> it is just one of those days where you have to be thinking ahead here having enough just a couple extra waters packed in you are cool er before you hit the road here and mind set you will need to listen and take frequent breaks along the way here. it is steamy, outside, right now kutztown area middle school 70 degrees current temperature. we have a haze rolling through camera shot as well, most of the day will feature sunshine but later this afternoon showers and thunderstorms will rei go note. we are talking classic summer just all and up throughout course of the afternoon and will get hotter. seventy-nine is current temperature already at philly international. normal high is only 87 degrees , we will well exceed that this afternoon close to 10 above average expectation but storm scan is still quiet and it will stay that way at lee until lunchtime but through afternoon and toward evening thunderstorms will come through but could drench and produce other impacts later in the show. the heat i say meisha is the
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story and with that humidity factored in that high of 96 could feel as high as lower triple digits. >> all right katie for those who love the heat we know that can be dangerous talking about that humidity. thank you, so much for that, good morning to all of you, this thursday, vine we are looking at a close another construction project overnight between schuylkill and brought has been since cleared. just a little bit we were looking at westbound backups, thosee leave eighthed themselves but westbound we are, hot and cold in terms of the congestion. give yourself a couple extra minutes. ninety-five at betsy ross bridge is what we are working with on i-95. just cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour i will say it is getting busy and very busy by 6:30. 422 ease, ramp from route 23 looking at that close your right there around that area on 422 congestion levels we are looking okay, and quick peak into 42 freeway north
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bound at creek road this is what we are looking at holding steady at these levels approaching 295. real quickly, patco running emergency schedule trains running every 15 to 20 minutes so check your schedules on line, jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. after days of digging on a sprawling farm in bucks county authorities announced they have uncovered remains of the dean finocchiaro, one of the four men who mysteriously disappeared last week. >> we have team coverage this morning "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with reaction from friend of one of the missing men but lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in solebury township with the major development overnight, good morning. >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim. d.a. made this stunning announcement at a midnight news conference that dean finocchiaro's body was recovered and that he was kill d.a. says number of remains were found in this common grave so that those remains have not yet been identified.
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tents cover 12 and a half foot grave where investigators painstakingly recovered remains of the 19 year-old dean finocchiaro, one of the four young men who went missing last week. >> this is a homicide make no mistake bit. we just don't know how many whom side we have yet to know the answer to that question. >> reporter: cadaver dogs led police to the location on the sprawling 90-acre property in solebury, owned by family of cosmo dinardo, person of the interest in the disappearance of the jimmy patrick on wednesday and dean finocchiaro , tom meo, and mark sturgis on friday. bucks county district attorney matt weintraub is in the saying how finocchiaro was killed adding that investigators are working to identify other remains found in the grave. >> there are additional human remains inside that grave, so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. >> reporter: twenty year-old cosmo dinardo is back in jail
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after his father bailed him out on unrelated weapons charges on tuesday. police arrested dinardo gannon wednesday, he is accused of stealing and trying to sell car of tom meo one of the missing men. police found koran dinardo family property with the title and meo's diabetic kit inside a kit his family says he needed to stay live. >> we will see this investigation to the end, and we will bring each and everyone of these who boys home to their families, one way or another. >> dinardo is being held on five million-dollar on those theft charges and will to have powe that entire amount in order to be freed no other charges have been yet filed. live from solebury township i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets turn to "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live at holy ghost trip with more on the connection between dinardo and one of the missing
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men, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about 19 year-old jimi patrick a 2016 graduate of holy ghost here in bensalem. he just finished up his freshman year at loyala university in baltimore, this morning we were able to talk to a couple of his friend is still holding out hope and praying for his safe return. lets look at video of jimi patrick from newtown township. there has been missing men linked to cosmo dinardo person of the ninth this case. patrick and dinardo are listed as friend on facebook. on line record indicate dinardo and patrick attended holy ghost but dinardo was a year ahead graduate nothing 2015. jimi patrick was first of the four men reported missing last week, patrick reported missing on wednesday, other three men reported missing on friday. patrick's college friend say he is a good student, kind person, popular among his classmates, his friends are holding on to hope despite
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investigators finding humane remains in the common grave overnight. >> we have been updating all of the news channels trying to figure out is what going on. is there so much more limited information on what the situation really was but. >> jimmy is most in the dark you don't want to think about the worse but you have to in order to wrap your head around it. report report jimi patrick has an entire community praying for him not only at holy ghost in bensalem but down south in baltimore at loyala university that school held a prayer service yesterday. for new we are live from bensalem, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. in other news we now know identity of the 57 year-old woman found stabbed and attacked with the hammer in the cities lawncrest neighborhood. this happened on the 5500 block of north hill creek drive around 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning, and police
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found 57 year-old roselyn wick dead from multiple stab wound, referred to as mrs. ross by her neighbors she is described as a churching would go man who was always seen walking her dog. >> she was sweet as pie. she was sweet as pie. she would look out for me when you don't feel good if i'm zika love. she would say do you want me to help you home? >> this is a very big loss for the community. it will really you know, sad even things up around here because everybody loves her and it is not too many people out there like her. >> that man aj wright, ran toward the victim's home after hearing a scream. he says he encountered a suspect who jumped from a second floor window and ran away. police are still investigating police also continue to look for suspects in the double murder in north philadelphia's fair hill section. thirty-five year-old lily mendoza and her 19 year-old stepdaughter ashley marie torres were both killed on
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north lawrence street in what police are calling a possible drive by shooting. this happened early yesterday morning, family members tell "eyewitness news" that the red pickup truck mendoza was driving was not hers but a friends, they believe shooting was a case of mistaken identity, police are checking surveillance video from nearby homes. authorities ine goshen are warning residents to lock their doors as they hunt for two suspects connect to the string of home burglaries. two women used stolen credit card at various stores on wood land avenue in southwest philadelphia, investigators determined they were stolen from a home, in west town, township last saturday. that same night police say a black jeep was stolen from a driveway less than a mile away on west hill top road and two weeks prior a home on gates wood drive-ine goshen was ransacked and car was stolen. that car was later found abandoned in southwest philadelphia. well, president trump is in france meeting with the country's new leader, president and first lady melania landed in paris earlier this morning. he and president's manual
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macron will hold a joint press conference later today, meanwhile cbs news has learned that special counsel robert muhler is investigating whether trump campaign worked with russian operatives to target voters with fake news stories. coming up scary moments for students out west, still ahead this morning where and why thousands where is forced to evacuate their dorm rooms overnight. we have the heat but other parts of the country it is rain causing a flood of problems but first here's pat. rahel and jim will you ride a bike across country. >> i don't know. >> one man doing to it remember a special person in his life and draw attention to a deadly disease, meet john matthews coming up. >> ♪ there is nothing holds us back from finding a cool spot and staying out of the hot, hot weather.
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>> yes, we can stay at cbs-3 studios all day jim. >> because katie has to step outside on the sky deck and sweat all morning long. >> yes. >> she loves it. she's sultry, she's steamy, she has got forecast. >> she loves to get her glisten on out there. >> i love it.
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welcome back in, california overnight thousands where is forced to evacuate their dorms at university of california/los angeles after someone called in a bomb threat. students were sent to the soccer stadium on campus after schools emergency plan was activated. officers were combing the campus for any evidence of the bomb. students were given the all clear and returned to their dorms after midnight local time, summer classes are currently in session at ucla. slow moving storms are causing big problems in the u.s. including flooding in wisconsin. these aerial pictures show extent of the flooding surrounding milwaukee where some say their basements filled to the ceiling in minutes but any damage isn't limited to wisconsin, families in chicago were forced from their homes by rising water, road washed out in iowa and six year-old drawn in the flooded creek in indiana. very sad, the flooding is not necessarily our concern with you our concern is heat
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because it can be dangerous. >> you know, at height of the day when you want to think very cognitively about how does your body feel. if you have to be out in this weather you need to be paying attention to that kind of a thing here today. here's flooding rain dousing those area you mentioned a moment ago still coming down heavily across ohio, great lakes just in general. we are too going to end up with scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening but in the meantime heat, of course, continues to be big story. we are looking at future feels like values at 9:00 a.m. it feels like the lower 90's in philadelphia and points south of. that can only go up from there , right, come noon time or 1:00. triple digit territory here where we see pink, magenta on the future feels like map you know it will be steamy and that is story right through peak of the afternoon. there is a frontal boundary dropping in, at 9:00 p.m. and feels like 90 degrees in the
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city, there is easing up that will take place over course of time. other thing that you have to keep in mind if you are trying to, you know, maybe run somer rants here today do in the leave anyone, any pet, or any granola bar you don't want to melt on your windshield in the car because it takes 10 minutes in the kind of heat we are talking about to feel like 114 and just a short 30 minutes, 129 is the actual inside temperature, it is its own little green hose in the parking lot. pool side a great day but listen tour body, take care and put on the sun block. wilt feel like 103 degrees plus, and uv index is really high. so tomorrow, a break from the heat but not from the storms, that is again you have to a clash that takes place because of these storms moving through at lee heat gets drawn back and weekend, deep breath, meisha, it looks nice, still warm but nice. >> getting relief, get an extra bottle of water and pass
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it around, good morning everyone, happy thursday, so, we're looking at roadways, where we have debris, it looks like a tire we saw car clip it , tire flipped out and moved out of the way. now we are looking at a disable vehicle second 202 southbound. we are looking okay there we are heating up at schuylkill, this is a sneak peak at schuylkill at montgomery drive looking busy there, anywhere on the schuylkill we are heating up. same story on i-95 as well. you can see sun glare coming down in your rear view as you push in the southbound direction toward center city. north bound side can be blinding in the eastbound side as well, just a head up but we are traveling less than posted speed on i-95. pushing in the southbound direction factor in a couple extra minutes, beautiful shot here ben franklin bridge in new jersey traveling in the westbound direction into center city. that just looks like a hot picture, patco, head up running emergency schedule right now construction equipment derailed west of
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lindenwald. trains running every 10 to 20 minutes. check those schedules on line. jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. one of the best ways to get around and getting the blood flowing is riding eye bike but what about across country. >> local man will embark on that impressive trek and doing it for a cause near to his heart. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen joins us live. >> over 3,000 miles on a bike. >> i probably could. >> i would have to train. >> a lot of training he works for sap in newtown square. not a professional athlete. he isn't someone you on would call a cycling enthusiast but none of that matters. he decided to ride a bike a long way to help raise money and awareness for lung cancer research and all for mom. john matthews isn't getting on his bike just for a good work out, he has a special reason. >> five years ago my mom died of lung cancer. as i learned more as mom was sick and got sick and passed
6:20 am
away our family decided to do more. >> reporter: by more he means embark on a incredible journey to remember his mother, kathleen. >> starting august 24th i will head across country, on a bike ride leaving from sap in newtown square and make my way eventually in october to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: he will leave fail area passing through 11 states before ending up in san francisco on october 14th. he is prepared to ride 80 miles per day on the journal a cross america, and as he does, friends and family will be cheering him on and they have been a huge help in putting this trip together. >> you are not winging this thing, you have a set, planned properly. >> oh, yeah, we have been planning this since last november. >> wow. >> i started the planning what would have been my mom's eighty-fifth birthday. >> reporter: he made decision to bike 3,000 miles visiting his mother's hometown in ireland. >> we're here in county mayo island on november 2nd, happy birthday mom, we love you, we miss you, and today starts first day of my training for
6:21 am
the bike ride next year from philadelphia to san francisco. >> reporter: certainly in the doing ate loan. he will take his mother's memory with him and her word about family. >> my mom had a wonderful saying which was many hand make life work and so many people have helped me out. >> reporter: john has set a goal of raising one million-dollar from lung cancer research for his initiative called ride hard, breathe easy and on this trip he will have help as he said his company sap is supporting journey by building an app and allowing him to take all of the time he need f would you like to keep up with john's trip go to ride hard breathe what do you think, pretty cool, right. >> in memory of mom, that is just great. >> impressive stuff. >> hopefully we can keep up with him and progress his chart. is there still so much more on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> meisha takes you on a dream drive for a fun lesson in chemistry. >> yes, i say chemistry and
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fun in the same sentence. we will be right back.
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it will be warm but compared to the heat of today and high humidity that minor humidity and highs in the 80's will in the feel that bad and you can expect, some sunshine, saturday and sunday. absolutely something to look forward to. all right, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> reading eagle pennsylvania 14 state universities should remain opened, that is according to recommendations released by national center for higher education management systems, it is recommend ago this pennsylvania also replace its board of governors with the board of region comprised of people who aren't influenced by policies.
6:26 am
trentonian hamilton township school board will pay 17 million-dollar to settle lawsuit over reimbursement for prescription drug costs, suit was filed by township retirees after board stopped making payments to worker prescription drug co pays, payments bargained for in prior contracts. bucks county courier times more than 100 motorcycle rid ers from warrior's watch rolling thunder legion riders and other organizations, joined police to give vietnam traveling memorial wall an escort into bucks county. traveling memorial will be on public display at pendell memorial ball fields this friday, saturday and sunday. and that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. coming up next in the next half an her of "eyewitness news". >> authorities identified remains of the one of the four missing men in bucks county, chopper three live over that scene following major new developments overnight. investigators live right now working. we will also have this. >> president trump arrives in
6:27 am
paris as he defends his son meeting with the russian lawyer connect to the kremlin in the 2016 election i'm hanna daniels with more on what the president has to say and latest on the investigation. it is getting busy, no accidents out there but we have some mass transit updates you will need to know, i'll have those updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are
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i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know in your morning minute thursday, july 13th. >> we can now identified dean finocchiaro as one of the people found buried. >> d.a. made this stunning announcement at a midnight news conference.
6:31 am
d.a. also saying that other human remains were found. >> talk about that heat. it may feel as hot as 99 to 103 degrees, frankly dangerous to be out in this kind of heat >> president trump is in paris >> why would he want me? >> that is one question the president said he wished he asked vladamire putin when they met in germany last week. a bomb threat overnight at ucla, thousands of students were forced to leave their dorms. >> i play for team nationwide and i got to compete with progressive, mr. discount double-check aaron rodgers and that aflack duck. >> now, payton manning delivering his mono log at e ppc award. >> it was entertaining. >> katie, we have some serious subject matter to talk about. this heat is pretty dangerous at this point.
6:32 am
>> as long as you are smart about how you handle yourself in the heat you will be okay. you have got to listen to your body though that is the key here because, you know, we will show you our eyewitness weather health report later in the show you will see it is one of the days that can be very bothersome and when you have got the pretty shade of burnt orange and magenta to talk about for high heat headlines here it is worth a mention too. excessive heat warnings or advisory depending where you are in effect as of 11:00 a.m. we saw this graphic in the morning minute and worth showing again. it may feel as hot as lower triple digits, up toward lunchtime and shortly thereafter. current feels like temperatures are already feeling like mid eight owe's through dover, wildwood and even here in philadelphia 82 is how it feels right now. i can tell you this much it is muggy outside. already pretty uncomfortable but just not as steamy when it comes to the temperatures. storm scan quiet for now.
6:33 am
later this afternoon and evening we will deal with a couple showers if not locally heavy or gusty storms but for next couple hours and leading up to noon time we are all only going to see that sunshine, couple cloud and have the opportunity to heat up from here. call for the high is 96 degrees. don't go by that. factor in the humidity and that is better gauge for how it will feel. >> very smart advice that humidity is game changer. thanks very much, katie. happy thursday everybody, gateway to our weekend we are looking outside in certain areas we are looking good. these are a couple 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction near route 29, schuylkill at city avenue much different story. this area we will have to factor in a little extra time. boulevard southbound and then once on the schuylkill we will hit bumper to bumper condition there. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road we are heating up there as well. ben franklin bridge is looking okay, although maybe starting to slow ever so slightly
6:34 am
looking at philadelphia side there looking okay. it is running emergency schedule construction equipment derailed west of lindenwald. trains are running every 15 to 20 minutes. they were just putting this out on twitter a piece of contractor's quip. derailed on the tracks earlier this morning. a crane is in route to remove. that so just make sure to check your schedules on line but patco is running an emergency schedule right now, jim and rahel, back over to you. well, breaking news in the search for a missing men in bucks county, after days of digging, on a farm in solebury township authorities have announced they have uncovered humane remains. >> officials are confirming those remains do belong to one of the missing men, thinks a live picture new from chopper three, investigators are back out at the farm this morning, but it is hard to see from this picture, they are searching foreign more clues. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do back live at police stage airing use with the very latest now, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. d.a. made this stunning announcement at a midnight
6:35 am
news conference that dean finocchiaro's body was recovered and that he was killed. d.a. also says that they found additional remains in, that common grave but those remains have yet to be identified. take a look at this chopper three video over the scene yesterday, now a tents covered 12 and a half foot grave where investigators recovered remains of the dean finocchiaro one of the four young men who went missing last week contact door dogs led police to the location on the sprawling 90-acre property owned by the family of cosmo dinardo, person of interest in the disappearance of jimmy patrick on wednesday, and dean finocchiaro, tom meo and mark sturgis on friday. bucks county district attorney matt weintraub is not saying how he was killed but adding there is still a lot of work to be done in this case. >> there air digsal human remains inside that grave. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet.
6:36 am
this is a homicide make no mistake bit. we just don't know how many whom side. we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> reporter: twenty year-old cosmo dinardo is back in jail after his father bailed him out on tuesday on unrelated weapons charges on tuesday. police arrested him gannon wednesday, he is accused of stealing and trying to sell the car of tom neo one of the missing men. police found the koran dinardo family property with the title and meo's diabetic kit inside that car. his family said he need that had kit to stay alive. meanwhile we are taking a lot chopper three over the scene, investigators again here for fifth day dicking on this particular property, they are being very careful as to not damage any potential evidence that could be on this property , mean while dinardo is being held on five million-dollar bail on those theft charges, and will have to post that full amount nerd to be freed. no other charges have been
6:37 am
filed at this time. reporting live from solebury township i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel back to you. trang do mentioned very exhaustive large property, it is 90 acres. we can imagine it will take investigators quite sometime to get through that property. for very latest developments throughout the day be sure to stay "eyewitness news" both on air, on line at cbs in other news this morning father of the penn state fraternity pledge who died at a party send a message to the boys now charged in connection to the case. eighteen ex-fraternity members are facing charges related to the death of 19 year-old timothy piazza. on tuesday a judge set next hearing for mid-august. piazza, from lebanon, new jersey died from injuries in a february party at beta theta p i frat house. his father is urging defendant 's parents to come forward with everything that they have, that is useful. former port authority official david wildstein will spend three years on probation for his role in the bridge gate scandal. several witnesses in the case
6:38 am
testified that governor christie knew about the plan to close traffic lanes of the george washington bridge as political pay back to the democratic mayor of fort lee. after sentencing, a spokesperson for christie insisted that wildstein was master mind of the scheme and acted alone. it is a tough sell to recommend a financial book at summer reading but it doesn't to have feel like homework. >> not according to cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger who joins us live from new york this morning. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> so jill, there are always books about wall street but if you want me to read one over the summer, i need a good recommendation here, which one >> reporter: i will vouch for all of them, ivoried them and interviewed all of the authors on my pod cast, so by the way, which is better off, so number one on my list for wall street people, bill co hand wrote a book why wall street matters and defense of the industry this guy is really hit in the past. perfect read for those who
6:39 am
want an easy to and stan break down of how financial institutions work and what role they are supposed to play in the economy. then we have got undoing project, that is michael lewis , he is best selling author of the brian side and big shot but in the end undoing project he explores roots of behavioral economics. that is field of the study that seeks to understand our decision making process and it tries to make sense of how the human mind systemically airs. did you see that recent hbo movie the business air of lies about the ponzi scheme of bernie madoff. i mayly recommend source material, book of the same name by new york times reporter diana even recchis, what an awesome story, gives you a real background. >> they all sound very interesting, maybe you just told them very well but sound good. >> what about books for students heading off to college. >> i got two great won you
6:40 am
thrive, how to succeed in college and life, it is by a pair of nyu professors who use science and real life stories to help students navigate their college years and probably my favorite book in 2017 so far, make your bed: little things that can change your life. maybe the world. it is by retired admiral william h mcraven, he was leader of the 2011 navy seal raid that resulted in the killing of osama bin laden, this slim book outlines 10 fundamental life lessons he learned in seal training, perfect graduation gift but perfect gift for anyone who wants inspiration. for more summer reading recommendations get to jill, on >> all right, jill, thank you. >> sound good to us. in other news president trump is in fans treating with the country's new leader. while back here in the united states the investigation in the president's 2016 campaign involvement with russia is
6:41 am
growing. >> here is cbs news correspondent hanna daniels. >> reporter: as president trump begins in paris the focus of the investigation into russian meddling in 2016 election continues, to dog his administration here at home. in an interview with the christian broadcasting network at white house yesterday, mr. trump insisted that russian president vladamire putin was likely rooting for hillary clinton over him. >> we will be exporting energy he doesn't want that. he would like hillary where she wants to have windmills. >> reporter: on the subject of donald junior's e-mails and meetings with the russian lawyer prompts willing dirt on hillary clinton president trump defended his son telling routers i think many people would have held that meeting. lawmakers on both side continue to voice their concerns over latest russian meddling revelation. >> potentially there could be four or five different statute s impacted most of which deal with whether or not you can solicit or receive anything of value from a
6:42 am
foreign national but bob muhler is an expert in criminal law. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that special counsel robert muhler's investigation and investigators are looking into whether trump campaign digital operation over seen by his son in law and advisor jared kushner coordinated with russian operatives to target voters with fake news stories. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nasa gets up close and personal with the planet jupiter. >> still ahead closest pictures of the war weather in the solar system. we will also have this. so what i noticed barbie doll in the case, yes. >> it is old barbie change varying slowly and if you look hard enough you can see it, a free, fun way to learn about chemistry is coming up in meisha's dream drive segment. from rock star to rocking
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the vote? yeah, what kid rockies saying bay possible future in politics. there have been successful entertainers that have, you know, according to some gone in public office? we will have the answer when we come
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back to breaking news in bucks county, investigators are back at farm where they foundry mains of the dean finocchiaro, one of the four missing men they have been looking for. these are live picture. investigators have been digging in search of the four men, overnight they announced difficulties conferry of human remain. they will provide another update later this morning and in the meantime stay with "eyewitness news" on air and on line at cbs as we continue to learn more. we are getting a close look at great red spot on the planet jupiter thanks to the june owe spacecraft. >> here it is, in pictures from nasa taken during the
6:47 am
latest fly by, on july 10th. big red spot is larger then earth, and it is actually a storm, just south of the planet's equator. monitored since 1830 and experts say it could be shrinking, next close fly by will be in september. >> we thought we had bad storms. >> yes. >> here comes our science geek katie. >> that is cool. >> that is huge. >> huge. >> huge. >> as we like to say. >> yes. >> all right, guys, while they have red spots on jupiter we have red showing up on our contour maps with the thermometer readings throughout the day. lets check the eyewitness weather watchers. at face value morning is really beautiful. we have a couple great shots from john in this morning. he sent this in just before sun was coming up, or as it was coming up, but you can see a couple cloud here and there this is olney section of the city. phil chaplane sent this in a shot of the moon that is
6:48 am
waning as we speak. i'm sitting myself up to flub, waning moon is out there this morning. a shout out to his friends. i know he is up. and so thanks for being one of our extra weather watchers, jonathan. delores had a beautiful view of the bright skies, out in newark. certainly cloud cover but the colors are there, and really pretty beginning to the day. very quickly we will look at the, temperatures that are out there, it is just really warm, very, very muggy, low 70's at minimum for most of the folks out there and a lot of them are reporting 70's already. so with that said we will go out to the health report, that could be a live shot but it is a background, bright colors here, unhealthy air quality to fall in the sensitive category , pollen's okay and uv , heat index are indexes we have to be careful. listen to your body, that is key. weather back toward lake erie we will see stormy weather ourselves later today and toward evening in some of
6:49 am
those storms they could be gusty. shore forecast, it will be a hot one. hitting the beach, make sure you are lathering up on sun screen and keeping your ears opened for thunder. war of the heat is gone but we will still solve storms to dodge. >> all right. >> well, yeah, weekend looks really nice, thanks, katie and speaking have that sun glare, this is what we're talking about looking very slowly pushing the boulevard southbound direction, and then once you jump on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue bumper to bumper conditions here. very slow moving, and add in an extra 20 to 30 minutes and growing at this point. i-95 south same story here very slow moving in the southbound direction and we have an accident here spring mill road at lombard road. head up in that neck of the wood it is a small area but be mindful of it. big story here's mergecy schedule trains running every 15 to 20 minutes and from what we are hearing there are delays, crowding, also and it vice hot, we will have irritation out there emergency schedule tweeted expect delays , due to a piece of
6:50 am
derailed contractor's quip. again if i were you i would check those schedules on line with patco having emergency schedule and witt being so warm outside, wow, this will be a mess, for a lot of people >> well, meisha thinks also a good day to stay inside. >> apparently you have found a place where they are exploring science. >> i sure did and who is not fascinated by science in some way this place is a stone's throw away from some of the most famous fail sites but don't pass right by it is an unexpected surprise. do you want to go for a ride i say lets go. >> have you ever wondered how plastics are made, that is what we are talking about today. we are in the heart of the beautiful olde city and this building i'm sure you have walked by it a million times lets go find out what is in here. inside chemical heritage foundation's museum at third and chestnut visitors gree, to buy machines and elaborate video displays bubbling with
6:51 am
the story of chemistry. >> our museum tries to blend art and culture and society and really showcase chemistry of every day life. >> we meet really ordinary like your old chemistry set and invention of the nylon stockings and bras. if you love technology is there enough vintage lab supplies to satisfy a mad scientists and people are here >> people like to look closely at, different types of the machines and take pictures. >> we try to make it, very unique and it is cool. >> reporter: some stuff is rusty and that is on purpose. it is part of the temporary exhibit called things fall apart, breaks down how objects break down. and there i found an old friend. >> the barbie doll in the case >> yeah. >> you probably hear that all the time. is what going on here. >> barbie's are made out of two plastics, it is basically what makes plastic flexible
6:52 am
and it loses it overtime and becomes hard and brittle and her legs get sticky. this is part of the process of plastics change. >> you don't even need a page to take this stroll through science. >> i think it is interesting knowing more about how this stuff was put together. >> i invite people to come in and learn about what is around you what is in the stuff you use every day, what will happen overtime. >> absorbed an elementary lesson. >> well... >> so worth stopping in. >> i love, i walk by it, i see chemistry and like i'm not going in there. >> within of the first things they said people are scared to come in because science, chemistry but don't be afraid, doesn't want to know how bra is made. >> well, i will go in there and watch. on that note. >> nylon you name it. >> it is in there get in there really cool spot. >> you bet. >> on that note time 6:52. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us now
6:53 am
with the preview good morning, nora. >> ahead russian controversy follows president trum top france latest on what one outside white house advisor calls the category five hurricane sweeping through the west wing. plus rare cancer linked to certain types of breast implants warning to women and why insurance might not fully cover treatment. and we're in maine with why cost of lobster are way up even though fisherman are catching more than ever, all that plus eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. you like a good lobster roll. >> i had one on saturday. >> we will be watching. >> thanks, nora. we want to bring you up to date for search for missing men in bucks county. >> investigators are back at the this morning looking at clues in solebury township. lets get out to trang do live at the scene good morning again, trang do. >> reporter: good morning as we have been reporting all morning we found out at midnight that crews recovered the body of dean finocchiaro,
6:54 am
one of the four missing young men. the search had been ongoing here. we have chopper video to show you that investigators are back out here on the scene. they have identified this property on sunday night and they have been out here every day since. this is fifth day. this is a painstaking process. as you can imagine they were saying that the cadaver dogs actually located this particular spot on this 90- acre property, it is amazing they were able to hone in and they have been focusing on this spot but they have been covered it up with tents so we cannot see exactly what is going on but they have been filtering through, very slowly , so that the d.a. hearsays he does not want to damage any potential evidence. we do know body of 19 year-old dean finocchiaro was recovered in this what they are calling a common grave but d.a. is saying a number of the other
6:55 am
human remains were also found inside this particular common grave and they are sorting through that and trying to identify though bodies, again, other three men we are still considering them missing at this point as investigators seek to identify these other remains in this grave. next update 11:00 a.m. we will bring that on air and on live. i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> trang do, thank you. >> we will be right back with three to
6:56 am
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the phrase senator kid rock might sound strange but kid rock disagrees. >> he launched a web site hinting at running for u.s. senate seat in michigan next year, museum lives in suburban detroit. people are skeptical about whether kid rockies serious. he tweeted that the web site is real and will have a major announcement in the future. lets check on weather? we will not do that. next up this morning police department is taking action after several officers, may have been poisoned by carbon monoxide from their squad cars we have heard about this. why safety is a concern and may extend beyond those police cars. remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3
7:00 am
at 4:30 a.m. stay cool, have a great captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, july 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." police looking for four young men in pennsylvania find a mass grave. overnight they confirm it includes the remains of at least one of the missing people. investigators say it's now a murder case. the controversy over donald trump jr.'s meeting. it nows to paris. and certain types of breast implants are linked to rare cancer. one patient tells us insurance companies may not cover the potentially life-saving treatment. plus,